Happy b'day MatsuJun!
Happy B'day Matsumoto Jun !

- Thank you for all the cute moments, all the great j-doramas and all your great tv-shows.
- Thank you for feeding my imagination! I remember falling asleep picturing myself in : Gokusen - being saved by you, - , in Hana Yori Dango - taming your wild character, - in Kimi wa Petto - taking care of you, - in "Bambino" - eating your food , - in Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru - curing your disease, - in "Smile" - saving your soul, - and lately we've been solving crimes in Lucky Seven.
- Thank you for all the laughs I got from watching Arashi ni Shiyagare 嵐にしやがれ, Vs Arashi , Arashi no Shukudai-kun, Himitsu no Arashi Chan, for all the silly stuff you did and said...
You're an inspiring person, a true Japanese Idol. I admire you and I hope you keep up the good work , forever! ^^

All the love, for my beloved Matsujun. ♥

                                       [color=green]PUTE BA!!!!!![/color]
Povestea noastra incepe acum miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii de ani! cand Reita a mancat fasole! El nu stia insa ca fasolea era fermecata!
*tadadadam* _DBSK_ *fundal* - Fasolea era fermecataaaaaa!!! :whistle: 
-----------------------Revenim in zilele noastre------------------------------
Baietii se pregateau pentru un nou photoshooting pt promovarea turneului Pulse Wriggling to Black dar si pentru promovarea noului single GUREN. Si cum se aranjau ei asa frumos!.......
Kai : MOaaaaaaaama frate ce s-a auzit! O_________________O
Uruha : YAKUZA!!!!!!  :weep:  :weep:  :weep:  :weep: 
Ruki : Nu e ma yakuza , idiotule!
Kai : Paaaaaaaaaaark a fost o bomba!!! 
Aoi*uitandu-se pe geam* Nu e nimic afara!
Kai : Moaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama ce puteeeeeeeee 
Toti : Aooooooooleeeeeeeeu!
Reita: ptuuuuuuuu hai afara  :whistle:  :whistle:  :whistle:  :whistle:  :whistle:  :whistle: 
--------------------peste 5 minute------------------------------------------
Voice : Gata baietii haideti sa incepem! Aoi u stai langa Reita
Si cu cat se apropia mai mult aoi simtea cum se inabuse , totul se facea negru , cerul park ii cazuse in cap........Dar nu stia ce are; si atunci cand s-a pus langa reita.........................
Aoi : MOaaaaaaama frateeeeee
Reita : ce?
Aoi : nimik 
Aoi : Rukiii!!!!!
Ruki : da
Aoi : Veniti putin
Kai : Dc?
Aoi : *Shushotind* Reita pute!!!!!!!!
Kai : OMG !!!!!!
Uruha : da ma da nu putem sa ii spunem ca se simte prost!
Aoi : Atunci stai u langa el!
Voice : Baietiiiiiiii vreau sa terminam azi ! Am si eu un an nou d petrecut acasa! Haideti odata!
Ruki *uitandu-se la Aoi........varsa o lacrima*
Aoi : *moaaaaaaama ce pute Vaide capu meu , eu lesin langa asta*
Kai : *saracu Aoi*
Reita : *sper sa nu isi dea seama ca eu miros*
Voice : Hai Ruki e randu tau!!!!!!!!
Ruki : Eu??????? *de ce eu????? :((( *
Ruki : *moaaaaaaaaama pana aici miroase vaiiiiii D-ne*
Ruki : *Trebuie sa ii spunem neaparat*
Ruki : baaaaaaaai !
Voice : Ruki nu te miscaa!!!! X(((((((((((
Ruki : Dar!
Voice: dar nimik! X(
Ruki : Gata
Ruki : baaaaaaai baieti!
Voice : Ruki Taci , Kai e randul tau! ...

Kai : *moama in ce hal pute , D_ne trebuie sa ii spunem*
Reita *MA intreb ce-or avea toti de se uita asa la mn , ca nici makr nu mai miros asa tare*
Uruha : *Numaiiiiiiiii ma arunc numai pot!!!!! NUMAI REZIST*
Aoi : D-neeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aoi : *moama ce i-as bate pe amandoi!!!*
Voice : Uruha e randul tau!!
Uruha : *Cred ca dak iam spune sar simti f. prost*
Voice : Hai aoi!
Si cand sa se duca spre aparat Aoi se prabusi spre balcon!
Voice : Ai patit ceva? 
Aoi : NU........* IN M**RTII M*TII*
VOICE : pauzaaaaa!!!
Ruki : Slava D-nului!
Si toti se indreptau spre balcon unde Aoi zacea!
Reita : ce faceti ma !?
Kai : REiiiiiitaaaaaaaaa aaa nu te apropia!!!!!! PUTI MA PUTI!!!!!!!
Reita : Eu ma???
Reita : Uruha u crezi ca put?
Si cand se indrepta spre Uruha ........acesta cazu jos
Uruha : *Vaide mine!.......aaaa mi-am vazut viata inaintea ochilor*

Ruki : *moama in ce hal puteeeeeeeeee* Baaaa puti ma ....pleaca de aici!
Voice : Aoi e randul tau!!!
Voice : Reita treci la locul tau!
Toti : Dar.......
Voice : niciun dar....Reita treci

Aoi : *moaaaaaaaaaama ce pute , nu ca il bat , da il bat rau de tot*
Si aoi dadu sa il pocneasca  p Reita dar toti ceilalti sarira sa il opreasca!
Uruha * E incredibil de imputit nu imi vine sa cred , o sa mor*
Ruki * NU stiu cat mai rezistam in ritmul asta*
Si Ruki scoase o hartie sa isi scrie testamentul!......
Aoi : Ba Reita
Reita : da
Aoi : stai deoparte!!!!!!!!! Deci puti deci puti rau de tot
Reita : eu ma?
Aoi  Da miroase-te
Reita : pfoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Si Rei cazu jos.........si isi cauta repede un cearceaf sa se acopere , poate poate mai stopeaza mirosul!
Aoi *Pana la urma il pocnesc rau!*
In acest timp Kai zacea pe canapea cu o privire de demon si park vroia sa il omoare p reita
Ruki cazuse peste oglinda , si simtea ca numai poate
Ruki * offfffffff aoleu ce pute D-neee*
In acest timp Uruha Vru sa se departeze si se duse la baie......Insa mirosul park il urmarea si Uruha cazu pe chiuveta
Acum el se ruga ...... pana si in latina , nu stia ce sa faca sa scape de miros
Voice :Baietiiiiiii hai veniti!!!!! Kai e randul tau!
Kai *Doamne ce draci am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
Si privirile lui il strapungeau pe reita , care saracu nu mai stia ce sa faca!
Aoi pandea pe fotoliu ca o hiena salbatica gata sa atace.......
Aoi : Ba reita ........ ia Parfum du-te ........da-te!!!!!1 Aaaaaaaaaaa
Saracau reita nici numai stia ce sa spuna!  :weep: 
Ruki privea spre Aoi .si park pregateau un atac! Toti erau azar pe Reita!
Voice : GATA! va astept maine dimineata!
Toti au plecat nervosi iar lui Aoi ii trecea prin cap chiar sa il si lege pe Reita de masina , ca sa iasa mirosu! 
Cand sa plece toti au fugit spre baie , poate este vreo iesire p geam!
Pt ca nu stiau cum o sa reziste cu reita in masina :|
Ajunsera la baie Kai , Ruki si Uruha
Aoi era pe hol cand o durere de cap il cuprinse ...... si simtea ca numai poate
Se tari insa pana la baie .......unde: 
Ruki gasi o carpa
Dar park mirosu devora carpa , park o manca , pt ca carpa se subtiase!!!!!
Si ruki lesina pe veceu!

VA URMA!...........

Happy B'day Heechul.
 Wow for starters, lemme tell you I`m in a bitchy mood so don't shoot me..... I dodge X))

Okei , I'll impersonate random petals and elfs now : Happy Bday OPPA, OMG I LOVE YOU, YOU ARE MY SOULMATE, SARANGHAE HANDSOME........ etc

REALLY?????????..... -_-'
Are you guys going to be like that forever? Khenx, Why am I even asking?

Moving forward..... I wanna discuss something , I just don't get it why is it considered in Korea, that a new-born child is one year... I mean this is so weird I'll never get it...

But their country, their rules.... So Heechul goes 29 ,actually 28 -_-' ... Tanjoubi Omedetou....

You can't even wish him something decent on his twitter cause the page fills with nonsense love shit..... -_-' instantly!!!
Next! ... I'm sitting here, on my chair in my humble cool room , and I'm thinking WOW It's Heechul's B'day Today cause it's already past midnight in Korea, why AM I NOT DRINKING? *laughs*
Every year, for his bday I usually party or drink , his and Shiroyama Yuu's - same plans X)))
Good news is I have a bottle of wine and I shall celebrate *mwhahah* 
Cause that's what kind of Heechul fan I am , narcisistic b*&(&#ch! *mwhahahaha*
*Lightning strikes* O_O *woot*
Now I'll end this up more nicely with a Happy Bday man! *hugs* 
Wow \I imagine what will I be doing in 8 years from now? .... O.o *wonders*

Kim Heechul kisses a girl on the cheek and elfs have no life!
Okei .... this seems to be a major topic so I'll discuss it a little...

How it goes? (explained for thos not on topic too)

 This is about a big korean idol , called Kim Heechul , vocal in a band : Super Junior  ; he has a bnch of ultra-fans who let's just say care about him A LOT, in an unhealthy way.

In short lines , after a concert he , the offended kisses a girl's cheek , a girl from the audience

WOWW ... Mister Kim Heechul you just made it for number one serial killer....

Ehm HELLO NATION! ...... STOP harassing and saying hate stuff about her, she has no fault! PLUS according to everybody's research , she's some sort of model , also appears in a pv  -----> Ring any bells? She was probably there on purpose and this was just for ratings, don't you guys know anything about showbiz? .......

So please, for GACKT's SAKE ..... finish all this "OMG HE KISSED HER, I HATE HER' "I'M SO JEALOUS" .... shit....  and start getting a life , I mean It's obvious he's a man , what are you guys going to do when he kisses a girl on the mouth or gets married? Should we expect mass-suicides? .........

I also wanna add , that I'm very happy cause I'm not the only one thinking like this , it's so pleasant to know there are some normal and mature elfs out there, somewhere...

BOTTOM LINE : Stop THE HATIN` AND THE BITCHIN`  and show some support for Heechul's new project M&D instead.....

PEACE OUT , Alice.

Anli-Pollicino , in Romania
 Well I know it was some time ago , but I Just felt the need to talk about it now. XD

First I`ll share some photos.....

To see more photos click on the following link and scroll down a little.... 


Well what can I say the concert was a blast, I`m happy tthat I was in the first row ,having Yo1 in fron of me. He's a really cute guy 
and very shy . *haha* 
Totally fun , and they totally rule, I`m also proud I had the honor to hi5 with Shindy and hug Kiyozumi XD , don't hate me. 
Anyway the boys are very awesome and really open with fans!! GG

Have you guys been to their concerts? .... tell me about it , I wanna hear XD


Shun's Musical , more photos
Not rlly sure what this will be about , but here are some more pics..... 
Hope you enjoy ! 


Anyone knows more details ? I saw a previous post on the oguri_shun community , somebody said he'll sing 
and dance.... as we can see lolz , but anything else? XD 
Can't wait. 

Oh and comments are <3

Oguri Shun directing.
Haha .... I'm so proud of him , I Hope you all share the feeling XD

What do you guys think , Director Shun lolzZz , sounds so official XD

I apologize if they're not from the same topic as in .. him directing XD

A little question for Oguri Shun lovers.

Hi everyone at first I wanna apologize for my periodic activity.

[Highschool and medical school stuff.... X(]

Anyway, I hope I'm not posting this wrong but I have a little question.... cause I am WAY behind with Shuns activity :(

What happened to him and Yamada Yuu? O_O Can anyone clarify , or is there someone who wants to tell me about it  ? XD

I don't know anything since they came back from some sort of trip which was supposed to be an engagement one ? 

 EDIT : Okei so what I found out untill now ..... from the girls from oguri shuns community is nothing sure... lol , they also know that they were supposed to get married but broke up..... rumors say they got back together and even GOT MARRIED? O_O ...... anyways a cool , funny rumor was that , after they broke up , when they came from that trip , Yamada Yu refused to give back his ap key.. LOL>.....<

Have you guys seen these?
Oguri Shun pictures.

Have you guys seen these? 

Anyone knows anything about them? XD

Credit : A.F

Otaku Fest - Bucharest [ Jpop Stand ]

These are some pics from the J-pop stand at OtakuFest.


Click pe poza pentru dimensiunea reala.


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